Graphics changes, like em?

AuthorTopic: Graphics changes, like em?
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Now that I understand that GF4 is out,,
I want to know, I have heard some horror stories about some of the new graphics, especially the veloceraptor fyora one. I want to know, (since I am a windows user), the opinions of the Mac users, do you or do you not like the graphics changes?

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The graphics overall seem to be an improvement. I haven't seen them all since Jeff kept adding new ones in the last 2 betas. He really made an effort to bring a new look to Geneforge.

Now if he could just bring back the Avernum elevations, especially since Chapter 5 takes places in the mountains.
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I have a PC, but I love the opening splash screen. It rocks!

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I can't really say how many changes were made since I'm less than conversant with the original graphics, but all the changes over the course of the beta seemed like changes for the better.

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I'm loving it! I'm so happy. :D :) :) :)

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-X- loves the new Servile graphic. The weapons for the Lifecrafter just look awkward, though.

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