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Ok just got into GF4, great game but one thing that is currently bugging me is the lack of health potions that vendors have, and the fact that they don't seem to re-stock after you buy them. Can someone please help me out here, im having a hard time completing quests due to this. Is there some way i can create my own? I am a warrior so my healing spells are quite useless...
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Healing pods are really common, so they should never be a real problem. Returning to town often might help, since that restores your health completely, and only using pods when absolutely necessary should make sure you don't run out as often.

Just be sure to check all cabinets/boxes/chests.

And good luck. :)

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Use Healing Craft as often as possible and you shouldn't have trouble with the number of healing pods as long as you return to town every cleared section or two.

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Between battles, food can be useful as well. Food only heals like 7HP each though.
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I never use pods, I horde them. This also goes for spores, wands, and living tools.
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I wasn't used to have healing pods, but now I use them often. And you don't like to use living tools? Well i like it, in fact I sort of collect them, I like to have a lot, but maybe don't use them just like you :D
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