Because I Can: The Masochist's Guide To G4

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AuthorTopic: Because I Can: The Masochist's Guide To G4
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*hungry guards and serviles hang their heads and leave* :D

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So, uh, any progress on this or have you given up?

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Here is my challenge to you. As soon as possible, you get your ability to create Thahds up to three. After that, you make one Charged Thahd. It must survive and do all the fighting on its own.
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Hah! Now that is a challenge. I wonder if it's doable without cheating if you stay in combat mode forever.

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Given how quickly you can get three levels of create thahd, essence and battle shaping skills might be more of a deciding factor.

It's a pity only the duration of restoration spell increases and not the amount of damage it heals.

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