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Hello everyone,

I beat that spirit wizard in the Sandros Mine, then I beat the brother and sister ghosts, and now I am up against an Old Golem that just seems impossible to beat. How do you get past him? He's too fast, too strong, and has too much health - is there something I can do that will make the fight easier?
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What level are you at? These fights are very difficult and not really doable until very late in the game.

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Also, what class are you? That's going to have a big effect on your strategy.

Characters with a large and somewhat varied army of creations fare somewhat better against the Old Golem, since it changes its vulnerability to different damage types as the fight goes on. Solo characters have problems, and the fact that it can slow and curse you doesn't help matters. Attacking it in melee is usually a bad idea and to be avoided if possible. Before the fight starts, be sure to cast Mass Energise, Protection and Spine Shield; you may even want to cast Steel Skin, Augmentation and Essence Armor on all your creations if you can spare a few essence pods.

The Old Golem can be beaten relatively early in the game, but it's tough. As a lifecrafter, I managed to beat it with drayks and levelled-up vlish. Essence Shackles helps early on, although in the last stage it'll haste itself like crazy and you won't be able to keep up with it by slowing it.

The good news is that for most classes, the next and final boss after the golem is easy by comparison.

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It usually helps to have one character or creation with very high health fight the old golem at the end. Just spine shield and keep healing yourself/it to keep alive. The golem can suicide on spines faster than you can do damage and heal.
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Or you can always cheat.

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My character is a level 22 Lifecrafter, and I'm using just a small number of creations.

So it's normal to come back here at a later level to fight the golem?

(Thanks again for all the replies)
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I obeyed the indication at the entrance: "sometimes when you are facing a foe that is shard to beat you can always come back later..." or something like that.

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The first two encounters can be done earlier by sacrificing creations as a lifecrafter. The Old Golem is really meant for after completing Chapter 3 - The Fens of Aziraph.
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