Where's me Lucky Charms?

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AuthorTopic: Where's me Lucky Charms?
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Now that I have cleared most of the areas, I have been going back to collect charms and magic items that I missed earlier. I understand that the Lucky Charm is somewhere in Shardfield East (supposedly in the house). I haven't been able to find it. I also couldn't find the Cryoa Charm in the Eastern checkpoint even though I have killed everything in sight!
I am suspecting that because I didn't know these items existed until I saw the list that 7Synergy7 put together, I missed the opportunity to nab these at the early part of the game. Or maybe I was too pro-rebel and they weren't available to me.

It's not like I need these items, I just wanted to have the whole collection... kinda like a complete and matching set!

That list is a FABULOUS piece of work, by the way! Extremely helpful. Well done! Without it, I probably would have wasted a lot of the enhancement items making less powerful items on the anvil, plus would have been struggling to find all of the ingredients for the Eight Artifacts. Three cheers for 7Synergy7!!!
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The lucky charm is in the building in the last room that you can reach from the entrance. It's on the table to the west in the room with 2 power spirals. You might have picked it up and sold them since they look like dice.

The cryoa charm is for slaying the Radiant Cryoa that hides in the area south of the exit to Sandros Mines. You get the message that you feel like you are being watched when it isn't there. It doesn't show up right away so you probably didn't come back to check for it.
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