Keep Under the Western Morass

AuthorTopic: Keep Under the Western Morass
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I've explored this and really found nothing other than a grumpy drakon chained up. Am I missing something? I can't get into any of the rooms that are locked. I'm a 4-star rebel.
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Smack the Golem and you will be in for arguably one of the most difficult fights in the game. You should be able to get the Crystalline Fibers here as well.

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Word of warning: you might want to kill the Restoration Pylons before attacking the golem. The fight is long enough already without him being able to heal.

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Also go and turn off poisoning pools by deactivating the energy spiral. This has to be the worst fight in terms of waiting for Matala to drop.
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If you use the towers of power, then try diplomacy first. Then attack.

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