Wrack and Essence Shackles

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Are repeated bombardments of wrack and essence shackles cumulative, or am I wasting my time tossing these things more than once?
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Duration is cumulative with multiple castings, but effect doesn't increase. Sometimes against bosses that like to haste themselves, you might need to cast Essence Shackles multiple times per round to keep them slowed. You can tell whether they're currently hasted or slowed by the colour of the sparkles surrounding them; white means hasted, red means slowed.

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Repeated castings of essence shackles will usually prevent even a boss monster from getting an attack every round. As long as you can get in an attack then after the first few you can go to one a round.
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From Nalyd's experience, repeated castings increase the difficulty of taking the curse/blessing off, i.e, if you cast essence shackles twice, the monster will have to cast haste an equal number of times to remove the effect, assuming both abilities are at the same level.

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