To enter the lands of the Shapers.

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AuthorTopic: To enter the lands of the Shapers.
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I am currently level 38, and I've finished the game with the Rebellion. I'm currently running around with 2 Gazers in the Eastern lands, trying to solve all areas. (Which only is a matter of time).

However, I wish to find more of the game, so I figured; why not go to the Western areas? I've slain every single Guard, Shaper, Agent, Mage, Creation, you name it in the two gate zones of Turabi Gate and Western Morass. However, I haven't found a way to acually get through the gates. I've also tried nicking a boat from the Shaper Camp in the southeasternmost area of the game, only to find that they are all locked and the neverending spawning of Rotgerdazin (spelling?) eventually beats me. If not, the mines protecting the previous Agents, Guards and Mages in the innermost part of that area, does. So, my question is; is there a way to reach the Western areas as a fullblood Rebel?

Oh yeah, I forgot, that Servile running around in Turabi Gates accidently got slain by the area of effect damage from a dying Khyzakt (spelling?). Hope that won't spoil my chances though...

And by the way, if there IS no land accessible in any way to the west, please let me know or I'll struggle in vain.
I got kind of disappointed when I finished the game so easily =(
Anyway, if so, I suppose there'll be a G5? ;)

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Plat on Torment if you want more of a challenge.

As far as I know the western lands are impossible to get to in this game. The shapershave blocked it off by land, and by sea you would need an invasion, which you do not have.
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The western areas are inaccessible in this game. The Shaper Camp is not meant to be accessed or beaten, even as a loyalist.

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If you really want to you can explore the Shaper Camp in the Forsaken Lands. I did it and found that it wasn't worth the effort. Turabi Gate and the Western Morass both have doors that won't open to reach the rest of the Shaper Lands.
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