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AuthorTopic: Moseh
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How do I kill him? He keeps healing himself.
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You need to sabotage his machinery in the room to the north.

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But how do I get in the room. He attacks me right away.
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Yeah. There should be a little cutscene and then you run to the north and try not to die.

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You have to stay alive and more or less well until your bonds weaken and you're released. You need to have fairly high leadership and mechanics skill first,though,

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Whenever the dialog option occurs to fight your bonds, take it. Run as fast as you can for the northwest door. It gets you out of his attack range while you wait for the door to open. Even if you don't have high mechanics to sabotage the controls there is a servile that can sort of help in Moseh's rooms to the northeast in that area.

It depends whose side you are on and what you have done to get to that point. If you are there to help repair Moseh and have leadership 10, then you can avoid a fight.
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