Purified Essence? (answer likely to be a spoiler)

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AuthorTopic: Purified Essence? (answer likely to be a spoiler)
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So I got my hint book today, and I'm reading the section on crafting, and I notice that there's this "Purified Essence" supposedly in the Circle of the Drayk. That's funny, because I cleared out that enitre area, and didn't find it. Fortunately I have a saved game right there, so I load it up and go through it again-and again, no essence. Then I check the Inflitrator guide on these forums that's being done (excellent work, btw),and apparently there IS some purified essence there.

Where is it? Is this a randomly dropped item? It is something obvious? I can't find it anywhere.
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Southwest corner I believe. Enter the building in the middle of the bottom of the map, work your way West. Should be in one of those rooms in a chest.

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Nope. Little tiny path leads off from the central circle.

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It's a really tiny path southwest of the drayk area. It's easy to overlook since the other paths look like there is nothing there and I missed it until seeing the hint book and really searching.
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