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From an entirely story-related perspective, is there any difference between the Servile and human characters? I just finished with an Infiltrator and I want to know if the Servile will offer any differences in terms of roleplaying oppurtunity.
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NPCs make a few extra comments here and there, but you don't get any chances to do things that the other classes can't. It's basically just chrome.

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Basically you get a little different speech from the Shapers since you are a lowly servile that they are forced to use and the serviles don't treat you any better.
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There are a few servile shopkeepers that will give you reduced prices, but they don't have anything really worthwhile.

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Actually, there's just one -- Glick -- and that is the only place in the game where being a Servile will affect the gameplay at all. The discount is pretty crappy, too.

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