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AuthorTopic: Shaila
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So, this is the second character i plan to beet the game with, I'm up to the quests to kill Shaila so the caravan can depart. I got a little ahead of my self and killed(told her to go to the shapers) her b4 i had the quest and then got the quest and it wouldnt let me compleat it, then i went back to an earlier save killed(told her to go to the shapers) her again with the quest and it still will not let me compleat it. Am I getting ahead of my self and missing some obvious thing i need to do after i kill her that I do not remember, or am i doing something else wrong.
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That's hard to read, but I think the answer is to meet her at the forbidden docks and then take her to the docks in that area.

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I think what you need to do is get the quest first from general crowley in the shaper camp. If you don't know where that is, talk the the guy out in front of southforge and do his quests until you find it (trust me, you will). That or if you had high enough leadership you coulda questioned miranda about it. After that you convince her to walk to the forsaken docks, and go out the east entrance to escort her there.

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Jeff changed the way quests are done so there wouldn't be lingering unfulfilled quests. It maybe after you do that quest before getting it from General Crowley, that the program won't allow you to gain the credit with the Shapers.
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When you get to the docks, though, be ready for a severe (If you haven't completed any side quests) ambush. And please use real Grammar.

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Since when has grammar been a proper noun?

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