Magic spell levels?

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Sometimes my mage or priest gets a chance to not just learn a new spell, but to *improve* the level of a spell he already knows. The game tells me that he has improved his ability with that particular spell, but where can I find a listing of what level he is at with each spell? Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
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Click on the info/train button under the portrait of the character you want to view, then click on the spells/abilities button near the top of the training window (it's near the character's armor and resistance percentages).

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Great! Thanks a lot... :)
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By the way, it's probably not worth paying to improve spells you already know unless you have nothing else to spend your money on. The bonus from each level is quite small, equivalent to getting one extra point of Magery or Spellcraft.

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But if you can spare the cash, I say why not? It couldn't hurt.

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