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AuthorTopic: Horrible Bug
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I have discovered a very very very nasty, bad bad bug in A4.

If you switch positions of your characters things get very messed up. Events that should raise the stats of the whole party like reading spell books, or blessings will not give the bonus to all your characters. At best, it will only effect 3 of them. If you keep changing positions it will only give the bonus to 2 or even 1 character.

I found this on my 3rd play through. I was in the honeycomb, hit a SB, and noticed that only 3 of my characters got the spell upgrade. They were all alive, and all had sufficient skills that they should have received the bonus. I tried moving them around, and it altered which characters got the bonus, but I could never get all 4.

Then I began digging deeper, and noticed that I had missed the fact this had happened the last 4 SBs I had hit in that game prior to the one I noticed. Then I checked my saves from prior games, and found that it had happened in those games as well.

I then began a new game (my current one), and hit the SB in Ft. Draco to test what was causing this bug (at the time I had not yet figured it out, and actually thought it was triggered by a quest). Reading that SB worked fine until....I moved character positions. Then it messed things up. Once you move character positions it bugs your party for the remainder of the game. Reloading won't fix it. Moving the characters back to original slots won't fix it. Only thing that fixes it is to start a new game, or use the character editor to correct the errors.

IMO this is a huge, terrible bug. I was quite annoyed to have to begin the game over through no fault of my own.
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Well..the Quick Item Slots bug was good.. :P

I have never encountered this bug..maybe because of the fact that I like my PC order..@_@

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Read my other thread about XP distribution as to why I wanted to change my party order. I liked mine too...but I needed to try to even out the XP. I really think that a basic game option like party order should not break something so fundamental as the major bonus rewards the game has to offer.

EDIT: Azuma, why do you keep bringing up the Quick slot item exploit in threads where it is either clearly totally off topic, or clearly out of bounds of the stated point of the thread? Just want to get your .02 in no matter what? Geez man, please stop posting to my threads if you have nothing to offer. Great, you know about the quick item slot trick...good for you. Your l33t now...ok, happy?

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Whoah, whoah, calm down. No need to freak out over a single off-topic post. Topics have a natural way of degenerating around here after a while, and sometimes it happens faster than other times.

This sounds like a rather serious bug, so you should send it straight to Jeff himself (spidweb[at]spiderwebsoftware.com), so that he can fix it for the next release.

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This bug may be related to a recent release since a quick check of my older game from v1.0.3 doesn't show this problem. I switched party order in order to keep the party lineup in line with who went first as they changed stats and items.
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