A Newbie needs some help

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AuthorTopic: A Newbie needs some help
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I am a new user to this board. I have been playing Avernum 4 for about a week. I took a default group of characters. I am having a problem which is that it is getting hard to level my characters. My tool use is too low to unlock many doors and traps. The highest character's tool use is 5 and I am about 700 to 800 experience from the next level. I roam about looking for enemies and creatures to fight but cannot find any more. I have been to the mines of Grindstone and killed the Shades. I have cleaned out the Goblins pretty well (as far as I can tell). I looked in the walkthrough and have done most everything. I got the key from Myrrh but cannot open the door at the end to attack the Nephil on the road to Fort Draco.

Am I missing something? Are there enemies I have missed around Fort Monastery? I need some help.
Anything would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance


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Most of your experience comes from doing quests. So be sure to talk to everyone and check the job board. There are some things you might have missed like the first test in the cave below and west of Grindstone.

Having a little higher tool use will help. Also tool use should be with a character that can cast mage spells. This is the only Avernum game that makes the mage unlock spell add to tool use to do higher difficulty doors and chests.

Eventually you have to fight the nephils and move on to Fort Draco. This game has very few monsters that reappear after you have killed everything in an area. So once you plateau in experience you need to reach a new area and start doing their quests.

Have you talked to the nephil camp north of the gate? They can give you a key that leads to a backdoor route underneath that gate by going along the river. Not an easy fight, but you come up on the far side.
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You could go through the checkpoint south of Myrrh. A little more fighting, but its not that hard.

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