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A Newbie needs some help in Avernum 4
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I am a new user to this board. I have been playing Avernum 4 for about a week. I took a default group of characters. I am having a problem which is that it is getting hard to level my characters. My tool use is too low to unlock many doors and traps. The highest character's tool use is 5 and I am about 700 to 800 experience from the next level. I roam about looking for enemies and creatures to fight but cannot find any more. I have been to the mines of Grindstone and killed the Shades. I have cleaned out the Goblins pretty well (as far as I can tell). I looked in the walkthrough and have done most everything. I got the key from Myrrh but cannot open the door at the end to attack the Nephil on the road to Fort Draco.

Am I missing something? Are there enemies I have missed around Fort Monastery? I need some help.
Anything would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance


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