Avervnum story line

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AuthorTopic: Avervnum story line
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to all you who've played the whole Avernum series (or part of it), do you have the feeling that you're playing on ongoing series of games/events/ is there a sense of continuity? Also, do you think that's a reason to play the whole saga in the original order(A1-A5)?
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Continuity, certainly. I felt horrid when I was told in A3 that all the parties in the lower caves (I absolutely refuse to try and spell that god-awful name) had been killed.

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You'll get a bigger view of the grand picture that is Avernum. Think of it as say, a series of books like The Dresden Files. Each book can be read independently with no real loss but reading them in order builds a sense of continuity. Not plot busting information but nice like the cherry on top of a sundae. You'll defiantly feel more vested in the world playing them in order. And when you get to A5, switching sides, flipping the coin so to speak, brilliant. As the Trilogy is under 50 bucks you get a lotta game (as in hundreds of hours, put the coffee on game).

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