Hello, it's been a while...

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AuthorTopic: Hello, it's been a while...
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Just dropping in for some serious catch up reading and to say hello! It appears about time to check out the Avernum and Geneforge 5 versions! Seems an eternal wait for next versions may be over. Great expectations!!

Was pleased to see my A4 editor page has over 600 hits.

Hawk King (love the Stephen Hawking implications) was 11 or 12 when making A4 editor? Yikes! Had no clue! Makes mine totally lame in retrospect. Was inspired and amazed overall. Again, thanks.

Must check out the latest from Spiderweb. Too much fun, oughta be a law or somesuch...

Alorael, still rockin' I see. Over 14 thousand posts? Whoa!

Spiderweb, keep up the good work!

Happy Holidays all...

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Hello, apparently you were before my time. So greetings.

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Welcome back, Micro Phage!

A5 is truly worthwhile to play.

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