First time SW player, thoughts on AV4.

AuthorTopic: First time SW player, thoughts on AV4.
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Hello everyone, I've just finished Avernum 4, took me two months, and now that I am done I just wanted to make a few comments because I haven't had this much fun with an RPG in years. I loved how much this game reminded of older rpg's, it's been so long since I've played a true party based RPG with actual strategy like this. No anoying talking party members, No boring cut scenes, just tons of quests, strategic combat, and fun skill system to play around with. I liked the plot as well, the main villan is far from "must take over the world" cliche, and I enjoyed the descriptive texts that set the mood very well. Anyhow, here is some suggestions (yes, I don't care than no one cares ;) )I would like to make for AV 5 and future AV games, games that I'll defenitly be buying.

1.) Graphics: I don't mind 2D at all, and I like, crisp, somewhat abstract look of Avernum 4 graphics. Sure they could be a lot better, but they are certainly servicable, and my enjoyment of the game wasn't really hampered by lack of graphics. That being said, what I think would be nice is that when for example, I change my characters armor to a different kind, it would help if the color on the char. sprite's body changed too. I am not talking about showing the actual armor on the character, just the color of armor. Same could be nice for weapons too, it would be cool if the weapon become red when for example I am using a fire sword. Second thing is walking animations, glad to have read that they'll be in AV5. And lastly, some huge sized monsters would be cool, there just weren't that many monsters in AV 4 that were impresive size wise.

2.)Gameplay: I liked that in AV 4 I never felt like I was wasting my skill points on pointless skills, which is a big problem in many rpgs. Hopefully new skills in AV 5 won't change that at all and will make the skill system even more interesting. I did read on the front page that AV 5 will be about soldiers from Empire, which I asume means that we won't be able to import characters from AV4. Not that that's a biggy or anything, especially considering that my Av4 characters were all above lvl 30, so balanced gameplay would be hard to do, but if importing could be done from AV5 to 6, it would be great.

Quests: It would be nice if some quests would be resolved once you decided not to do them. For example, killing of Swampaloose (sp?), I didn't fell it was right to kill him just because "..he is an ogre and ogres are bad", once I told him that I'd leave him alone it would have been great if quest to kill him dissapeared from the quest list. Same with that "avenge my doughters shame" quest. Also, I really don't mind straight forward dungeon romps such as AV 4, especially if they are as well done as Av4, and while some more choices as to in how to solve quests or which group to join wouldn't be bad, it certainly won't bother me at all if AV 5 is as straight forward as AV4.

That does it then, thanks for a great game Jeff, you gained a fan. ;)

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Hmm...have you played Avernum 1, 2 and 3?

From what I have heard, A5 will be great.
I have a question. In A4, did you get the Emerald Chestguard? (I have a feeling that I may have spelled that incorrectly)

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No I haven't played on other SW game (hence the tittle ;) ). And yes I got Emerald Chestguard, it's the best armor I found in the game, I think I got it in the caves across the river from fort Dranlon (I think), after I killed that necromancer.
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There are the quicksilver armors that add action points that are usually considered better later on in the game.

Geneforge 4 is the first game that removes quests that aren't going to be finished either because two non player characters ask for the same thing or like in Avernum 4 where the leaders of rival towns want you to assasinate the other.
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