Avernum 4 on reflexive.com?

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 4 on reflexive.com?
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Huh. Since when did Spiderweb start outsourcing its games? Reflexive Arcade just added it to its game list, and it says it was developed by Oberon Media. :confused: They even used the screenshots from the Avernum page.

They have a 14.22MB trial and you can buy the full version for $19.95. Unless you, the management, are getting some sort of royalties from this, I suggest you take it up with them.

here's the link: http://www.reflexive.com/AvernumIV.html

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link does not work for me. not even http://www.reflexive.com/
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I'm going to inform Jeff of this by E-mail tomorrow unless one of you does it first. I guarantee you this is illegal.

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This proves that SpidWeb games are games not to be trifled with lightly..

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Didn't we just go through something like this here?

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Yes, but didn't the Toshiba site at least credit Spiderweb? Whoever these Oberon folks are, I don't think Jeff's with them.

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There's a good chance that the game is properly licensed, but I'd bet Jeff would rather have credit given to the right company.

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Completely 100% legit. It's not the first time we've let other companies distribute our games either. We get paid. No worries.

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In that case, the attribution to "Oberon Media" may just be a misfiling error...

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Oberon Media is listed as having developed so many games, it must itself be a sort of redistributor. Jeff's deal is probably with them, rather than with the linked site directly.

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Just curious, how much royalties do you receive for letting them distribute your games?

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I was getting worried.

Well, I am still going to buy the games from the Spiderweb Website.

Doing that helps more to supporting the company.
And no support=by by to one of the best game companies.

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