Letter to Giscard?

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AuthorTopic: Letter to Giscard?
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Hello everyone,

Perhaps I missed it, but there is a fellow named Giscard near Formello who doesn't seem to want to speak to me (I didn't let that stop me from ransacking his loot). I checked the walkthrough, and it says I need to find a letter to Giscard before he is nice and lets me do a quest for him. That's all great...but where is the letter? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
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It's located on a corpse somewhere in the Eastern Gallery. I can't remember exactly where, but it can be found on the side of one of the roads.

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Take the west road out of Cotra and search the woods to the northwest of the fishermen. There are two bodies in the woods, but one just has the letter.
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