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AuthorTopic: shopkeeper in tower colony
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Is there supposed to be a shopkeeper in the Tower colony? I thought there was a subquest there involving him.

Also, is there any way to get past the barred gate on the second floor (the one you access by taking the east staircase).
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To question #2, no. The portcullis by the east stairway up can't be opened despite the research notes on the other side.

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Found the reference that I was thinking of.

In the walkthrough, it says:

This is the remains of the old tower of the magi. There's a fair bit to do here. Talk to Oliver again to see what he's got for sale. At least buy his knowledge crystal. The Bladeshield charm is pretty nice, too, so you may want to go ahead and get that.

What Oliver?
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Oliver is the traveling salesman you meet in basically every big town. You need to tell him in Silvar that the coast is clear, or else he won't come down. I think.

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Oliver is in Formello until you go into the Eastern Gallery and then return to tell him that you are sure that barrier is down. He then goes to the Tower Colony. His next quest is to find the way past Almaria.

He will buy things from you until you get past Alamaria, then he appears in Dharmon with a different inventory. You can find him near the north entrance to the colony although he moves around.

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