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AuthorTopic: [bug] Missing shade
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Somehow one of my shades is missing: both Formello and Silvar have the Shade of Ice. If I kill it in one of the towns, both towns are happy and shade-free. But Correlea only counts it once, so I cannot close the quest.

Which shade belongs where? In Blosk and Dharmon I have the Shade of Terror.

My oldest save is in Mertis - already both towns had the Shade of Ice but I didn't notice...

I completely avoided the shade in Formello, so I never got the message "You are near what was once a lovely park".
In Silvar on the other hand I met the shade , for the shade experiment quest - sorry, I don't remember what shade I fought. I guess the Shade of Ice because when I get now near it, there is no introduction pop-up.

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You have three shades in the game, the first is in Formello or Silvar (moving from one town to the other, you can't do business when it's in town), the second is in Almeria and the third is in Blosk or Dharmon (again, moving from one town to the other).
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Try Almaria. Shade of Paranoia. Green crystal shard remnant. You'll need it in final battle with Rentar. Since you're far enough along to have killed 2 shades, Almaria's shade is the last. In your special items list you should have a red, a blue and a green crystal shard from the 3 shades.

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