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If I leave my computer for a while in the middle of playing A4, my screen saver cuts in after 10 minutes inactivity. When I return and remove the screen saver, the screen is black. Using Ctrl-Atl-Del reveals that A4 has suffered an unhandled exception. Woe betide me if I have just won a difficult battle and have not saved the game!

I know I can avoid the problem by removing the screen saver or setting the time out much higher.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I run XP Home.

On another note every now and again the program minimises itseld for no apparent reason. This is not a big problem as I can maximise it again and continue.
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Avernum 4 really, really doesn't like sharing system resources. If you have any other programs running at the same time as A4, including screensavers, problems can arise.

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A4 will crash for the slightest reason. You don't even need to have anything else running. The best advice is to save often because it will go in the middle of showing a spell's result, etc.
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And each time A4 crashes, you go and restart it?

I think the problem isn't with A4, it's with you. By crashing, A4 is doing you a favor.

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TM, stop, now.

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