Avernum or Geneforge!!! Make up your mind???

AuthorTopic: Avernum or Geneforge!!! Make up your mind???
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Is it just me or is it that Jeff wanted to mix Geneforge and Avernum together in Avernum 4 as compromise...

The gameplay in Avernum 4 is so similar to Geneforge that its annoying me >.<

Does anyone feel the same way or is it just me.....
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It's the Avernum world, but with an engine very close to Geneforge's engine. Gameplay-wise, they are similar. You are not the first to be frustrated by this, and you will not be the last.

However, the Geneforge world and the Avernum world are not the same. They are not, not, not, not, not. Er, sorry.

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It is not just you.

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Everything I hate about A4 came from Geneforge except Rentar-Ihnro. Hopefully A5 will go back to a more Avernum style and just keep the combat engine and only a few of the graphics. There were too many Geneforge items replacing what were good Avernum types just to save time in getting the game ready.
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