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AuthorTopic: Demonslayer reward
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Just got Demonslayer and went back to Solberg.
He looked at the sword, gave it back but I don't think I got a reward?
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Demonslayer is your reward. :P

Seriously, though, although Solberg doesn't give you anything, the priest in Almaria gives you a very nice reward indeed for finding Demonslayer. So go there if you haven't already.

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You also get some experience as a reward for see Solberg.
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pish! Demonslayer was not worth the trouble IMO... it was just not as good as the other unique weaps in the game.

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I thought it curious too, that for all its hype, its "value" was relatively low (only 1200? And of course, less at trade-in).

No matter though I guess, as cash really isn't an issue by that point in the game..

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