If you kill an isolated guard...

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AuthorTopic: If you kill an isolated guard...
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...does the town turn hostile? I think in formello there's a guard guarding a chest. What's in the chest and does attacknig the guard turn Formello against me?
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If you kill someone without anyone else seeing, then the town should not become hostile if this is your first crime. However, attacking certain characters will always make the town hostile and killing too many guards also has this effect. I doubt there will be anything nice in that chest.

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There's a really old post about the chest on the upper level of Formello with the guard blocking it. It contains some javelins and other minor stuff. There are a lot of things like that are just there to annoy you.
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Fine lances, not javelins. Very useful, early on.

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I murdered the guard just outside of fort monastery after she refused to give me her steel spear. I got quite a bit of use out of that weapon, having so early and all.

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