a4 is the best game yet

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AuthorTopic: a4 is the best game yet
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I dunno, I rather liked AVIV. Warts and all.

It was, in short and simple terms, a big old fashioned hack and slash dungeon crawl. And that's a good thing damnit. All this fighting and fussing over such trivial things. AVIV is ONE game... One game out of many, and many more to come. If your going to keep whining, then let's see YOU make a game as good as Jeff has done, market it, sell it, and raise a family off of it. Until you do, you should shut your yaps. It's getting bloody annoying to loggon to the AVIV section and see nothing but pissing and moaning... I have been sorely tempted to use my mod powers to lock a couple of threads as of late... (And in the past I have)

I agree that Exile having all those spells were better, but those days are GONE. At least for now. Cars used to have tail fins too... AND THEY WERE SO MUCH BETTER! But those days are gone. Records and eight track tapes had better sound capabilities than CDs with filtered midrange sound... But those days are gone and things have changed. Pissing and moaning isn't bloody likely to bring things back. If you like Exile, KEEP PLAYING EXILE! Stop playing Avernum just so you can whine about it. The constant bellyaching and whining is getting old... Many of you sound like a bunch of sniviling whiny milksops. Sniviling spoiled whiny milksops that just can't get their way.

Jeff has a consistant record of putting out good shareware games... And I am betting that he will continue to do so. Sounds like the next few games will be more plot driven now that he has an engine he likes.

Sit down, shut up, and for crying out loud, have some bloody patience. Sounds like better things to come.

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Geneforge IV. Still no tasty vlish.
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If your going to keep whining, then let's see YOU make a game as good as Jeff has done, market it, sell it, and raise a family off of it. Until you do, you should shut your yaps.
Lame juice. This is the absolute worst way of trying to rebuke Alec I could think of. That's like saying, if you don't like a movie, that you should STFU, buy a video camera and make one that's better. Honestly. I can say that a TV program is crap without having made one of my own, why are JV's games any different?

PS- While it's true that I haven't raised a family on game design yet (and I have absolutely no plans of doing so), I've spent the last 6 years of my life hammering out scenarios. So even if you can chide Alec (who actually HAS made scenarios, but not to an overly meaningful extent) on the basis that he hasn't gotten his feet in the water and tried to put something out, then what about when I say that A4 is bad? Or Stareye? Or Thuryl? Heck, Alcritas has been against Avernum from the get-go.

If you like Exile, KEEP PLAYING EXILE!
Sorry, but we've beaten it a few times since 1995.

Jeff has a consistant record of putting out good shareware games...
Consistant [sic]? The last two Geneforges have been painfully unimaginative, Avernum 3 was a remake of a game which was never even CLOSE to selling itself on plot in the first place, and Avernum 4 absolutely takes the cake when it comes to being BAD. If it sounds like bellyaching, then I would appreciate not being fed inedible crap in the first place.

So then-- why protest at all, rather than leave? Well, one convenient excuse for me is that I'm still around for BoX matters. But aside from that, offerings like ASR, NG, E1-2, and even GF1 show that JV can put out good things. If cliches are abandoned, new things are tried and there's genuine interest in the plot (as I can't imagine that A4 was any less a chore for JV to make than it was for the player to hack through), good games are the inevitable result.

And, of course, if he wants to think that only the unintelligent buy his games, well... He can only manage that assumption if his consumers let him. ~_~

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The flamewar grows tiresome.

Of course, anyone has the right to have an opinion on my games. You don't have to be a designer to have an entirely valid opinion.

But I write a wide variety of different rpgs, for a variety of tastes. Avernum 4 has more action and combat. I wrote that because some people like it and, more importantly, because that was the sort of game I was enjoying most at the time.

So what so say I'm writing games for idiots or 10 year olds, you should bear in mind that you referring to me directly. Just because someone has different tastes than you sometimes doesn't make them a juveline.

And, by the way, insulting fans of my games is one of the few behaviors I find intolerable around here. Constructive criticism is fine. But the main purpose of these boards is to make a home for people who like my games. I will not allow people to make them feel ashamed in what should be their safe haven.

- Jeff Vogel

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