Tower Colony Gate

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AuthorTopic: Tower Colony Gate
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The gate on the second level of the Tower colony seems to stay closed. How can I get this open?

And can someone also please tell me how I can open X's private rooms on the second level?
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You can't.

You can't.

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In X's upstairs area, one door opens with the second key as a reward for killing the demon. The other doors don't have anything of value behind them. There is a mention in a very early thread about unlock and tool use. It is possible but not in ordinary game play.
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Originally written by Randomizer:

It is possible but not in ordinary game play.
Or rather, it's possible, but not worth it at all.

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It seems odd that adventurers with all the magical fire-power and weapons couldn't bust down any door they wished. I mean how strong can a door be? You should be able to bust through a wall with a fireball spell.

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The creators of magic spells realized how disastrous letting adventurers blow holes in everything would be. Instead, they decided that all easily learned damaging spells can only affect animate beings. The real wall demolishers can only be learned after years of intense study in the Academy of NPCs.

—Alorael, who is also quite certain that business competition would mean that all the best doors have to be made by those who can produce very, very durable work, what with all the adventurers running around and all.
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I always thought Move Mountains was kinda silly.

I mean, if you really wanted to get in to something, have your fighter crack the wall with a hammer and have your priest smash the cracked wall...

Some elements in these games make no sense. :P

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Agreed. The name itself is strange, being that you cannot destroy mountains with Move Mountains. Or move them for that matter. You might be able to destroy them if they had a giant crack running down one side or if they were covered with mold (E2 reference)

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Move mountains is a bit like the lanterns that don't work in A4. It seems like a lot of things have gone backwards since A3.

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