Where's Arwmm??

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AuthorTopic: Where's Arwmm??
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Where can I find Awrmm again to collect on the "Kill Hosharr" quest?? I did connect w/ her once and received the quest, and now it's been completed. The Journal entry says that she's in Silvar, but I spent a long time looking in the town and around the environs in the general area, and for the life of me, just can't seem to find her again (after finding her once).

Jeff Vogel emailed me from the company and told me that he thought she was around Chapelle's Smithy outside and west of Silvar, but I've spent much time checking around the area and can't find her.

Sorry, I must be brain-dead, can someone please help (hope it's not a bug in my program listing....).

Thanks - The Toad
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He is selling bows in the market in Silvar, just north of the teleportation Pylon.
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You know..I think this is a bug. I killed Hosharr and went back to Awrmm for an award..but he didn't acknowledge that I had killed Hosharr. Nothing. The quest disappeared from my log but I didn't get any reward.


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The reward is a blessed bow in Silvar.

There is a second quest for locating his hideout in Mertis.
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Thanks to all who've responded for the helpful info, obviously I've forgotten my game skills that I developed way back when I played Lord British's old RPG's on the 8088 machines....(man, that must date me pretty well....)

Eventually did find Awrmm (and sorry it's a "he" not a "she"....again my bad....), and I did get the Blessed Bow, but I was not aware of another quest in regards to Hosharr's hide out.

Ah well, in any event, time to move on to the south.

Continue to enjoy the game all - The Toad

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I received a blessed bow when I completed this quest. Not a good reward as the bow is weak.
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Originally written by David W:

I received a blessed bow when I completed this quest. Not a good reward as the bow is weak.
That's dependant on the bows skill of your party members. A character with low bows skill will dish out more damage on average with a blessed bow than a yew longbow (the best bow for that part of the game). However if all your characters have high bow skill and yew longbows, then yes, sell it.

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