Sudden Big Leap in Difficulty *post-Honeycomb spoiler*

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AuthorTopic: Sudden Big Leap in Difficulty *post-Honeycomb spoiler*
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So I set off the Rentar Ihrno trap and am rather annoyed. It's not that it isn't surviveable - it's just that it's SO much harder than almost anything else so far. I guess I kinda saw it coming, but still...

~Aldin, who already hated pylons _before_ the trap
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Trust me, those aren't nearly the hardest pylons in the game.

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Kill the pylons on the way in. They don't anger the surrounding area.

And copying Alorael's sig is likely to result in a painful death by snipage. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

But I don't want to ride the elevator.
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Thanks, Wonko.

Note that you don't have to spring Rentar's trap immediately. You can have a nice jaunt through the Great Cave before tackling pylon nightmares.

—Alorael, who also recommends planning. Killing everything at random is difficult. Killing things in specific orders and in specific ways is much easier. In particular, your range is longer than pylons', and preventing fear makes everything much easier. Just make sure not to let those wyrms get out of control.
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Slow and Daze are two of your best bets for controlling the wyrms. Lightning spray is best for crowd control, particularly when followed by a good Daze.

Don't forget to ration out the healing/energizing waters in the basins. They help a lot.

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I just hasted one of my characters and let him run back and let the others die. I had already killed the Vahnatai upstairs.

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Acid spray the pylons a few times and retreat to deal with the monsters. Area effect spells like icy rain and lightning spray speed up the killing process with the monsters. It takes a few energy potions to finish the trap, but you can fight your way out without killing the vahnatai and pylons on the way in to the trap.
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Hmmm, I just might reload to kill the pylons on the way in, but probably won't - especially knowing that their range is less than mine, which is a nifty fact I wish I'd tumbled to much earlier. Thanks for the support and advice!

~Aldin, who noted in an earlier thread that he has been doing the Alorael sig thing since previous incarnations on other boards and likes Alorael partly because he does it too
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