Blosk Maps Quest

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AuthorTopic: Blosk Maps Quest
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I have looked everywhere for those darn maps and can not find them. The hint book said Cotra not Blosk but I have been through both and nothing. HELP! :confused:
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I thought the quest entailed grabbing some maps out of a box on the upper floor of Blosk.

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The maps are in the NW area of Blosk in an upper level box and the quest (job board I think) and reward are in Dharmon.
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You need to go upstairs. The reward is high though, I believe it was 1000 or 1500 coins. Not bad for two minutes work.

Also, once you find it check the desks and chests near it. They contain good items, or you could just sell them. :)

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Thanks Folks! After being reasurred that I was looking in the right place I finaly found the box. When checking the other box in the room one of my PC's was standing in front of the one I needed and I couldn't see it. I feel a bit silly now but I am greatful for the help. :)
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