Where the heck is G.'s letter?

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AuthorTopic: Where the heck is G.'s letter?
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Okay, I've been trying to figure out what I do with Giscard, the snobby rich guy near Formello. I finally broke down, peaked at the walkthroughs, and it turns I need to find a letter for him before I can complete his quests. Where the heck do I find this letter?

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On some dead guy in the Eastern Gallery. Other people will have more precise info, but I think it's in the southern half. This is outside the demo area, by the way.

I think you can get the reward without doing the mission; you just have to be able to dispel a barrier and fight a hasted Vengeful Shade, which I did while in the demo.

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The letter is on a body in the southwest part of the Eastern Gallery. Go west from West Cotra and I think it was a little north. The quest is to remove a gremlin from his storehouse, the gated area where you can't pick the lock in the demo. You get some gems as a reward and his storehouse has a lot of items that you can sell. Easy quest and there is slightly more experience for killing the gremlin.

The barrier is upstairs in Giscard's house. The vengeful shade appears when you rob Giscard, I guess. I only looked in the box at the Ruby Breastplate and some other things.
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I stole EVERYTHING upstairs that Giscard has but no shade pops up.....
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