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Yeah, I played it a little bit yesterday, and Avernum 4 is actually quite cool. Now, I'm not saying it's better than any game out today that you can buy at Target, but it's a nice game to pass the time and get addicted to. I guess it's like those old retarted shareware games that you find yourself attracted to in an odd way. Anyways, wanted to compliment Jeff on a job well done, as before I dissed the crap out of him for A4.

What I really love about this game is how you can quickly travel to places, and that makes the game incredibly cheap. You can get one of your characters killed in the heat of battle, then return to town quickly, and they'll revive with all of their belongings.

I haven't played much of the game, but I'll give Jeff his props. It's better than the previous Avernums, better than Geneforge, and better than Nethergate. The outdoor system is something he hasn't tried before with Avernum and Exile, but it works. It's like a large dungeon with subdungeons.

So, in all, I rate the game ***/****

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It seems to me that the PDN of the person who started this topic violates the CoC.

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The PDN could be lived with if the location and sig weren't almost identical as well.

Tyranicus, I'm noticing that you tend to point these sorts of things out first.

In other news today, Dikiyoba's party finally made it to Fort Draco. Hooray! It only took them a week.

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I'm inclined to agree with Tyranicus. Shaper Lord (currently "Drakey"), change your name.

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Lol. Read the COC. It means trying to clone a name, say if I made my screen name clrakefyre. Fine, whine about it some more anyways.

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Shaper Lord has been banned for three weeks. One for the profile, two for being rude in other topics over the past few days.

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