Killing Sleater

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AuthorTopic: Killing Sleater
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I was in the honeycombs and finished Sleater's quest where you explore the dragon ruins, kill the dragon's familiar and get some nifty stuff. Out of curiosity I decided to kill Sleater as well and got a great robe for my troubles

My only question is... will this act come back to bite me at some future time? Ie. do i need sleater for some later quest? I hope not... I really like that robe.
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After all he did for you? Shame! Fortunately, all he's done for you is all he will do for you, so killing him is no big deal.

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After Sleater has marked you so that you can break through the defenses of the cauldron undead, he has no further use. Not unless talking to him after you clear the center of the Spiral has some effect.

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Talking to him after clearing the Mertis Spiral gets you the key to Athron's lair. Although at difficulty 28 it is possible to open it with unlock doors and decent tool use.
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Yah i did all that... then i killed him. *insert evil laugh here*
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