Where can i find the unlock spell?

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AuthorTopic: Where can i find the unlock spell?
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I played the demo and thought i found it. Now i bought the game and cant find it in the starting areas up to formello. So where can i find the unlock spell please.
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I don't think it's actually available anywhere in the demo area. Try Cotra or Fort Avernum.

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Sage Alice in Formello. (only when the shade isn't there, though)

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wait a min....i thought the empire destroyd fort avernum.

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However, once you play more (even just through the demo, I think), you will find that they've rebuilt it for some other purpose.

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Originally written by lordofdc:

wait a min....i thought the empire destroyd fort avernum.
I don't think it was destroyed. The empire stoped sending people down after Hawthorn assassination, so the fort was abandonned. During the empire war (Avernum 2) it was used by refugees from Cotra (which was destroyed, nice to know it's being rebuilt).
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Not if you live in the neighborhood as you will find out when you get into the Eastern Gallery. Save the game so you can see the different reactions you get to certain statements you make to Goodman Williams.
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