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AuthorTopic: Char Skill Selection
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I'm currently playing the demo using the default party. I'm not sure what skills I should pick for which character. So far I have only be picking 'Tool Use' so I can open some of the gates/chests.

Which skills are important? I know the fighters need STR and the magic users INT. I'm looking more for a overall long range plan for the skill points. Is First Aid, Nature Lore, Luck very helpful?

When I make my real party I want to make sure they have the skills they need to make it thru the game.

Thanks in advance.
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The more characters you have, the more useful First Aid becomes. After all, it heals HP and SP after each battle.

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One very important thing you should know: the character who has Tool Use should also be a mage. Otherwise you'll find it very difficult to unlock some doors later in the game.

Beyond that, my recommendation is to have your fighters raise a weapon skill until it hits 6 (either Melee Weapons or Pole Weapons; there's no point raising both on the same character). Also, when you have enough skill points to spare, put 6 points in Defence for your fighters so that they can get Parry, which is a very useful skill.

It's good to have at least one archer in your party; put points in Dexterity and Bows, and then in Sharpshooter once it's available. (If you can hold off on putting points in Sharpshooter until Camp Samuels, you can get it trained by up to two points for a very reasonable price, saving you a few skill points.)

For your spellcasters, start out raising the appropriate spell skills (Mage Spells and/or Priest Spells). Hold off on raising Intelligence until you find yourself regularly struggling for spell points, then put Int up a point or two. Spellcraft is a good thing to put points in, and Magery once it becomes available, but if you can hold off on both of those until after Cotra, you can get training in them there.

Endurance is important for everybody, but not so much early in the game, since it gives more HP at higher levels. Hold off on it until later.

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Put Tool Use and Mage Spells on one character. The mage gets the Unlock Doors spell later and that spell is boosted by Tool Use. I found that giving most of my Wisdom Crystals/Knowledge Brews to this character kept things pretty even until late in the game.

Don't spread Tool Use amongst the party. Some skills can be spread across the party. Nature Lore needs increase for the party as a whole as you get further into the game. The same is true for Arcane Lore. I eventually needed a total Nature Lore of 23 to dig up the cache just outside of Rentar's Keep.

The game is balanced in favor of bow use. I gave my spellcasters bow skills in the early-to-mid-game so that they could keep their distance and stretch their spell points, while assisting the fighters. Eventually, the entire party was slinging arrows.

The general consensus is that Nephils are the preferred race, due to their advantages with Bows and Gymnastics. I ran a party of four nephs and made them four different colors to tell them apart.

A basic party is a melee fighter, a pole fighter, a mage and a priest. Mages need to up their mage skills faster than the priests need to up their priest skills.

Strength is great for fighters but also lets you carry more. Don't forget Endurance. This is your "hit points" and will need to be fairly high as early as the Formello area.

MILD SPOILERS: Parry is one of the easiest "hidden" skills to achieve. It's great for your fighters. Boost Dexterity and Defense equally until you see Parry as a trainable skill.

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I've always been a fan of luck. I believe that most studies revealed it to be a worthwhile investment.

I also find that Defense is good for every party member, though only main-line fighters should concentrate on it. A few levels in it definitely help.

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I tried a party with a slith fighter with pole weapons, nephil archer with melee, and two spellcasters that had both mage and priest spell. One spellcaster also had tool use. Boost dexterity and defense to 6 each at the start to protect the front fighters. Have mage and priest spell at 5 each to get the maximum "free" spells at the start. Spellcraft of 3 in spellcasters will significantly boost damage but isn't needed until reaching Fort Draco area.

Spread out first aid at the start. Nature lore and arcane lore can be added through out the party as needed. Total nature lore of 15 will get all caches through the Eastern Gallery and total arcane lore of 12 will read all spellbooks through Almaria. But don't waste points at the start with them.

Tool use of 8 (with later getting unlock doors) will open almost every door, locked box, and trap that you have to go through until at least Almaria. The only two traps that need more are under Grindstone and in Skunky Joe's hideout. Every other place will be a door that opens later after a quest or a box that contains NY (not yours) items.
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