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AuthorTopic: Keyboard shortcuts?
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The new interface is interesting - still getting a handle on things but one thing that I'm missing are the keyboard shortcuts. Like to wait in combat (which seems to be gone) or even to end a characters turn (which I now seem to need to clik on the character to do). Is there a keyboard shortcut for this action so I don't have to keep clicking on all my characters? And is there a list somewhere of them?

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I think that hitting the spacebar will end a character's turn early.

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For getting things: G, and then choose 1-4 (party members in order) and then the items are listed A-?. No clicking needed unless the things are in a chest or whatever.
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Waiting in combat was intentionally removed.

—Alorael, who misses the bless-wait-attack abuse.
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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

I think that hitting the spacebar will end a character's turn early.
I think Alt-F4 works, too. :P
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