Stuck at samuels camp

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AuthorTopic: Stuck at samuels camp
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I'm up to the point where it seems the only course of action is to go through almaria from the smugglers tunnel, however, im not sure if i should receive a few more major quests before i go that way, in short i've visited and completed all quests given to me by all the different towns and i have freed the mages from underneath almaria and completed all quests except for ogre culling from the tower of the magi. i went up into almaria and got massacred by the shade. i was thinking there was some way to defeat the shades at this point but probably not. Anyway, do i have to somehow get past the shade to continue in the game, or is there more for me to do before i go to the castle?

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Walk around the shade. You should be able to get past without attracting its attention if you're careful -- there's another underground passage near it that will lead you out of the city to the west.

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Sneaking will save the day here.

As far as quests go, it shouldn't matter if you completed all of them already or not. As long as you've already visited Fort Avernum and gained access to the pylon travel network it won't be any trouble at all to return to the Eastern Gallery or anywhere else you've been without sneaking past the shade again.

—Alorael, who recommends spending a minute or two looking around between the tunnel's exit and Almaria for the pylon right there. He missed it on his first time through, and it's really much more convenient to find it.
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Ok, I know I'm asking a lot here, but I've searched and searched in Camp Samuels, but I can't find the smugglers tunnel. Is it actually in the camp? Or somewhere around it? I can't get past the barrier in the testing room yet is that where it is??? I'm trying to clear the demon out of the tower area so I can get the dispel barrier I need this??
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Ok, nevermind....I found it...working on getting through it :D
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