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I've cleared out the top level of Rentar's keep, in the Dark Lands, but can only shut down one of the control panels, on the lower level. What am I missing?
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Are you sure you've looked everywhere? There should be three or four control panels... find every trapdoor/set of stairs on the first floor.

Oh yeah, what'd you think of Garzahd?

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I've been to all the control panels but for whatever reason two won't shut down, they just sputter and continue their normal functions. I would think because I've been able to shut down one I should be able to shut down all. I don't know.

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Yeah I couldn't shut the panels down either. :(

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I assume that they turn off the machine downstairs that produces the golems but I could not shut them off either.

That Vahnati Lord in the basement is a drag also.

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I don't think the golem generators are the point of the panels. Did any of the vahnati from outside survive the bridge demon? If not, then the I don't think the panels serve a purpose...

There are 3 control panels and a machine you can break (guarded by giants). I was able to turn off all the panels (at least thats what the messages said) then break the machine. I'm not sure if the order has anything to do with it.. I might have just gotten lucky. Either way, the golems kept coming but i was able to talk to my frozen vahnati allys and "free" them... not that they did much other than run defense on the golems.

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There's a Tool Use requirement for disabling the control panels. If nobody in your party has sufficiently high Tool Use, you won't be able to disable them.

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