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Somehow I got into a fight with the Vahnati just to the west of Fort Remote. Anything I can do to get them to come back? Apologizing does not seem to help. I don't have a saved version that I could resurrect.
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Originally written by Wanderer:

I don't have a saved version that I could resurrect.
You sure they are meant to be your allies? There are hostile vahnatai out there too. Indeed, I think the group immediately out from Fort Remote are hostile.

Other than that:
You saved in the middle of or after a fight with them ?!
You don't even have a quicksave or autosave from before the fight ?!

Suck it up and chalk it up to experience. No use getting all worked up over something you can't change.

You've got twenty save slots - you should at least use a couple of them if not all twenty.

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They're not much help anyway, if it makes you feel any better. Just go on without them.

EDIT: Wait, which ones are these? The first group you run into, a short distance west of the fort, are meant to attack you; those ones are working for Rentar. There's another group much later on that will help you.

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If you've run into vahnatai just west of Fort Remote, they should be hostile. If they're just west of Rentar-Ihrno's fortress beyond all the pylons, somewhere northwest or even just north of Fort Remote, they're allies but not particularly helpful ones.

—Alorael, who carefully preserved and shepherded the vahnatai through the Basalt Fortress until they turned out to be no help whatsoever at the end.
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Hell, I fostered them right until the end.
And was told that they were shocked by the events- too shocked to reward me, I suppose. (Not that any reward in this game is ever MEANINGFUL...)

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