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AuthorTopic: Editing stuff manually
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I have a small list of things I'd like to write into Av4, the question is how would I do it.

1. I'd like to be able to make certain useless objects such as
The Hatchet, simple rocks, spades etc work as weapons (the rocks acting like they do in previous Avernum Games). How would I go about doing that via text editing?

2. Is there anyway I can add more Character image choices if I make images (instead of replacing pre-existing graphics)?

3. Is it possible to add 4th and 5th races to the PC list, like Ogres and Vahnati via text editing (ie so they have their own special things like the Slith's natural skill with spears)?

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1. Open up the Scripts folder (preferably on a copy of your game, and not the original) and look for "av4itemschars.txt" -- this stores most information about items. Find the entry for an item you want to modify (say, a hatchet) and then find the entry for an item that does what you want it to do (say, a stick). Most of the parameters have pretty obvious names, so just change what you need to to make the hatchet function like the stick, and voila.

(One important note: if you see "import = XX" that item will "import" the parameters from another item to use as a base. If you don't, it will import the parameters from the item right before it in the file.)

2. Doubtful.

3. Also doubtful. I don't think any characteristics related to PC race are stored in the scripts.

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I keep seeing all the ways to edit the game, and I'm beginning to wonder:
Is there any technical reason one couldn't create an entirely new scenario using the A4 engine? Obviously we have BoA that's meant for it, but this is a different engine, and more importantly (it's my understanding that Geneforge uses the same scripting language) you could do it with Geneforge.
So, er, yeah.

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The script files contain almost all information about item types, terrain types, creature types, and attack types (except for the graphics).

They also contain combat scripts and dialog.

They do NOT contain information on actual terrain placement, object placement, character placement, etc. and so on. That stuff is stored in non-text form. Good luck finding and/or editing it. You won't.

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The data files are tempermental, so save a backup copy!(Not that most people wouldn't do that automatically.) I wanted to change some "worthless" items in G2 to sellable items (no trowel should have to remain unsellable.) It worked out in the end, but I spent about three hours trying to alter the data files and then get the game to load it up and accept it. I finally got it to work. (I accidently set trash to be worth enough to sell, but that really feels like cheating and I don't want to mess with the data again, so I just leave it alone. What shopkeeper would buy trash, anyway?)

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I would just like to remind everyone that Thuryl is an unsellable trowel.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

I would just like to remind everyone that Thuryl is an unsellable trowel.
Damnit, you beat me to it.

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