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I've been playing through the demo, biding my time before I buy Avernum 4. After getting the barrier to the Eastern Gallery dispelled, I got the message I expected: that the demo was over and I would need to buy the game to keep playing. However, I kept walking, and was not stopped by anything. I am now in part of the game that is supposed to be restricted to the registered game. It seems so far that the game is completely playable, except for the lack of terrain/walls. Picture(s) to follow. In fort dunvo

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Yes; other people have reported this problem before. If nobody's done so already, someone should probably send a report to so that Jeff Vogel knows about this and can fix it for the next update.

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That should NOT be happening. I'm just hoping the problems fixed before the windows demo comes out.
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Very interesting. Makes sense that it mightn't have been picked up as the beta testers prob get to unlock their copy of the game well before the end of the demo time. Obviously this won't be repeated again, and the testers will be asked to complete the demo or at least test the demo limits before moving onto the full game.

At least it doesn't allow you to play the entire game fully without any terrain errors, as that would of course be very bad for Jeff's bank balance :P

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Yah, Jeff could really be hurt by this. If someone whos gotten the messed up demo and fixes the terrain problems, then sends the things needed to fix the problems to his friends, that could take alot of money that Jeff would get.

One thing though, for sites that sell downloadable full versions of games, do the game developers get any profits from it?
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Umm, depends which sites. Obviously illegal sites don't :P I'm guessing that some trickle amount gets back to the developers, tho most will get mopped up by the publisher. It really depends on the agreement between publishers and developers to how much the dev team gets.

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I may come across sounding more official then I actually am. Or not.
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All sales would have to be through agreement with the publisher, and then the publisher pays the developers' salaries. I don't know anything about standard arrangements in the software world, but it wouldn't surprise me terribly if royalties went to the company, not the individuals in it, and the only bonus of good sales came in the form either of specific bonuses or raises.

Jeff is the developer and one third (but a very large third) of the publisher. He makes his money just fine from a certain site that has full games available for download.

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—Alorael, who emailed Jeff about the registration barrier bug when it was first noticed.

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I rather suspect that Glafna was referring to this.

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Yah, thats what I ment. I found alot of the sites selling full version games, including the geneforge and avernum games, but can't remember te URL's. It's been awhile, and I just remembered it now.
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I too encountered this "bug" when I finished the demo, but assumed it was designed that way. After all, it's rather difficulty to play in a big black void with a few objects hovering around, so it made the rest of the game unplayable for me anyway.
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if you try to load a game saved in the blackness it takes you right back to Fort Monastery. The pillars also refuse to work.

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However, the portal still works, though it's rather ineffective when you can't return. Also, the reload -> Fort Monastery trick could possibly be useful: if you're trapped in a tight spot, just save, reload, and poof! You'd still have to walk to the portal to get in the right general area, and that's a long way to go each time, so usefulness is limited.

Exploiting the black space, it's possible to get into and beat the Bandit Castle, which is still in the demo area. I don't really want to try getting to the giant lands west of Grindstone, though...

It really makes you appreciate the value of seeing terrain and walls when you have to go around blind, don't you think?

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This bug will be fixed in v1.0.1, which will be out sooner or later.

I'm not freaking out over it. Though it does give me a giggle that someone would be so desperate to save a lousy 25 bucks that they'd spend the whole game wandering in the dark.

- Jeff Vogel

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