G4 makes icons disappear

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AuthorTopic: G4 makes icons disappear
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Windows XP

Playing Geneforge 4 makes all the icons in my desktop, start menus, and Windows Explorer disappear--no placeholder icon, just nothing. Restarting the computer makes some return, but not all (those that remain missing are at least replaced with a placeholder icon).

Ideally, it would be nice if they didn't disappear, but I would settle for being able to get them all back when I want them.
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Sounds like explorer.exe is having issues. Next time just hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and open up the task manager. Under the File menu select New Task. Type explorer.exe and hit OK. That should bring them back without the need to restart...

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Make sure you go to the Processes tab and check to see if explorer.exe is running first. Otherwise, attempting to launch Windows Explorer again will just result in a browsing window popping up. If explorer.exe is still running, right-click on it and select End Process. Confirm ending the process, and follow Sullest's instructions from there.

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Yes, this is really a windows problem not a spiderweb one. Somewhere abouts there is a "repair icons" button. Now if I could only remember where... might be in TweakUI...

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