clearing old games

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AuthorTopic: clearing old games
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in G1,2 & 3, to clear out old saved games one merely had to delete the saved files from the game data file. however, when i try to do this for G4, i somehow ended up losing the programs .msi file. luckily i caught that before i emptied my trash!
so, how do i remove old saved files without trashing my entire game??!?
oh, might be helpful to mention using windows xp
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Why do you want to remove old saved games? You can always just save over them.

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this i know. but when i start a new game, i prefer to have all the old saved games gone because i tend to save each section using the same names game to game. gets a mite confusing to have three saved games named the same....
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I found it's quicker to make a new game folder from the compressed file after renaming the old game. It takes time to find a saved gamed, but you don't lose any.
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Aren't the G4 saved games actually in the My Documents folder now? That has been my experience with them on Windows XP at least, and removing the G4 Saved Games folder from My Documents should make the game generate a new folder and empty set of save files the next time you play it.

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I just tried Dikiyoba's method and it seems to work fine. However, you should probably copy back Geneforge4Settings.dat file in the "Geneforge4 Saved Games" after the game regenerates this folder. I would also recommend renaming the old Saved Games folder rather than deleting it, so you'd have an option to go back to an older game.

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many thankies, everyone. i had not noticed the game placed a folder in my documents. deleting all the sub folders EXCEPT the G4 settings file did the trick.

while the suggestion to save the old game in a different file would work, as a rule when i am done with the game, i don't revisit it. what can i say - i dislike having old games clogging up my hard drive....
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Is there anyway to force Geneforge 4 to keep it's saved files in a different directory?
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Probably not.

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