[Geneforce] Dry Wastes unhandled exception

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AuthorTopic: [Geneforce] Dry Wastes unhandled exception
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Hi I have a problem with Geneforce 1.01 for Windows. I'm running it on a WinXP sp2 with a nvidia 7800gt, latest drivers.

Everything is fine untill I try to go to Dry Wastes from the Bandit Camp: the game freezes on the map screen and I get an unhandled exception (c0000005;
0041543b). I tried to reboot, I tried changing savegame...same problem. Can you help me plz?

edit: maybe it's the Dry Wastes icon itself, cause I renamed the file G145 which is the map picture and I tried to change area: the locations icons appeared on the game screen (having disabled the map screen) and I got the error again.

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Are you fiddling with names of files/graphics/scripts? If so, you should probably either reverse what you did, or download another copy of Geneforge.

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I didn't modify anything in the game files...I'll try uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling...I hope it will work... or if there were codes to travel in the game areas I could try to get to Dry Wastes without passing through the map: do these type of commands exist?

edit: ok I tried reinstalling from a different installing file and I had the same error! Is this area fundamental for the game plot?

edit2: mmm same problem going from pentil to wooded valley, same error again crahing to win

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Run a scan-disk to make sure your hard drive is not corrupted. I've had similar problems with disk errors, and your hard drive may be experiencing problems.

If not, your error may be with the saved game you're using. Delete all your game files (saving your main save file), then reinstall. Try putting the saved game back in the folder and see if that helps. Otherwise, restart your game.

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I tried a scandisk: everithing is fine. I already tried the reinstallation using the old saves...my last possibility seems to be a restart :(
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Is it possible there's something wrong with your registration, coz I b elieve Dry wastes and wooded valley are the first places you can visit that require registration.

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Re-re-downloaded and re-re-installed: now it's working :o I don't know what was the problem but...who cares now? thx for trying to help me
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