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Is there somewhere special I'm supposed to put BoA or its editor? I unloaded the BoA editor into the BoA directory under the default subfolder, and it refuses to work -- it says something about graphic 2000 and crashes whenever I try to open a scenario. What's wrong with it?

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For Mac, it goes in "Blades of Avernum Files" -- probably the same place for PC.

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The editor application goes in the data folder.
C:\Program Files\Blades of Avernum\Data
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Wait, I got it.

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Sounds like your download's corrupted. Try again.

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Grr I have this problem to, I put the editor in the data folder but it still gives a error about graphic 2000 being missing (I fixed teh warriorsgrove error by copying it from data to the editor folder) after I click ok on the error when I try to open a scenario it gives an unhandled exception then an invalid page fault.
Anyone know how to fix this?
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Timber Wolf, not sure if this helps but ...

I put the editor folder in the data folder and then moved the editor program itself into the data folder (ie the exe file was moved out of the editor folder to the data folder).

Can't really think of how to word this for more clarity.

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I think that what is happening is that you are putting the editor FOLDER in the data directory, what you have to do is to unload the whole content of the editor on the data directory.

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No, No, No!

You put the -EXECUTABLE- (.exe) in the Data/ folder. You can put the rest where you want, it's pretty much all documentation.

Apparently still annoying.
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