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AuthorTopic: AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Links don't work for me on IE, and pop-up stuff doesn't work!

If I use netscape, many features are disabled!


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ever tried restarting you computer, or better yet, click the links instead of poking the monitor?

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Could you be more specific on the nature of your problem? It's hard to help on a statement that vague.

I'm not sure how browser difficulties are related to Spiderweb. Do you know anyone in RL who acts as your 'tech guru' (a relative or friend who is good with computer problems) who could help you fix it?

I use IE and clicking on links works for me, unless I run out of memory - rebooting fixes that, or if I have too many IE windows open, which rarely happens as I close extra windows once I'm done with them.

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*Sigh* Links that don't change the window don't work. So I have to type the address in. And if I use netscape, several features are disabled. So links that open a new window aren't working properly.

That's pretty much all I know. Oh, and ads don't work. But 1 out of every 85 are interesting.

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