Major problem!!!!!!

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AuthorTopic: Major problem!!!!!!
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My computer always makes any zip files I download into worthless bmp files! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?
Is my computer just stupid and cruel(Which it has proved on several occasions, for an example: steal, me, vs. plexiglass, my pc. Winner: plexiglass.)?

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I'd guess it's your computer. It's probably because you don't have an unzipping program. On my Mac, before I got an unzipping program, downloading zip files would never work. It always made some Amazing Trivia thing instead of the real download.

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Is it a mac or pc?

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Zephyr uses a PC, I believe. I'd say the problem probably is either from a lack of a program that can unzip or an incorrect browser setting. Check to see if you have WinZip or another unstuffing program. If you don't, check your browser's settings, especially for downloads.

—Alorael, who has also had downloading problems for some files. On a Mac, holding down the option key sometimes helps. There's probably a similar command for PC's.
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Originally posted by Zephyr Tempest, The Mindwarrior:
My computer always makes any zip files I download into worthless bmp files! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?
Wait, did the file download correctly?
If yes, why not try "renaming" the file to a .zip?

(In case you don't know how:
1. Click on the file.
2. Press F2 to rename the file.
3. Type in the new file name (e.g. "").
4. Press enter.)

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