Cool Avernum 3 Bug!

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AuthorTopic: Cool Avernum 3 Bug!
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It was where you get a slith spear in the nest.[I found this out a while ago]
If you push don't pick the item up a Shambler will appear and you will fight it. You can do this as many times as you want till you get tired of it and pick up the spear. It's a cool bug!

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nl ltrll

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That's skrange.
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someone care to translate the above?
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I think all of his posts are like that. I can't read that, though.

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Originally posted by HDVSTP:
nl ltrll

ntrglctc Hlgrphc ncclpdc Dctnr f Vr Strng Thngs nd Ppl.

k csrs, dsl nn, Frd Prfct, Flccncnhlfppfctr, Zphd Bblbrx, Tppffgst, prl Fl, Flsh Prsn, rrbrs, Rsh Lmbst, nd mn mr.

m svng vwls.

"nl ltrll

Intergalactic Hlgrphc ncclpdc Dctnr of Very Strange Things and People.

k csrs, dsl nn, Ford Prefect, Flccncnhlfppfctr, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Tppffgst, prl Fl, Flesh Person, rrbrs, Rsh Lmbst, and mn mr.

I'm saving vowels"

is all I can make out with any degree of confidence. I thought it was ROT13 encryption at first, until I realized he was just leaving out all the vowels.
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wll tht's rlly nnyng.
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That's right, and I think everyone's forgotten about the usefulness of this post, and should therefor be closed.

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That's right.

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